my cute and yandere girlfriend prologue

Ok so there was a post on reddit about yandere novels and I was like ” yo i can translate 1 chapter from (name)” and here it is.

I can’t guarantee the quality of the translation cuz i did everything from listening to the bing guy read it ( i don’t really trust bing translate cuz sometimes they leave out important stuff . so when i click on the read out loud button i can pay attention to those). My english also isn’t thaaaat good but i still think its better than a MTL so yah.


^—This is the picture of the novel, it shares the same picture as this song:

It currently has 6 chapters and still going, I only translated the prologue.


Synopsis: Without realizing it she has already became a part of my lingering memories. A few years later we finally meet again, she is still her and I’m still me. Just like a few years ago, her terror envelops me once more but this time I will not run because this time , she is my cute and yandere girlfriend.
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